Which KONI Shock is right for me?

If you’ve downloaded our extensive catalog and scrolled down to your particular make, model and year,  you might notice that there is more than one type of KONI shock absorber that will fit your car.  There could be listings for Sport, STR.T, Special Active or even Classic and Special D,  depending on the specific application. So which KONI shock absorber is right for you?
Do you want to get the most out of your car’s suspension?  The yellow KONI Sport is the premier street performance shock absorber, featuring a wide range of adjustment that will help you get the most out of your car. They can be tuned to your desired ride quality and handling—or even the roads you travel.
Most KONI Sports are externally adjusted—you just turn the included knob counter-clockwise to firm up the internal rebound valving. The adjustment knob can be kept in your glove box until the next time you want to get serious about handling—and then use it again to soften your shocks for a comfortable ride home.  They are ideal for a street car that might see some track or autocross use.

The KONI Sport can be adjusted to optimize other modifications, like springs or new wheels and tires, while still being comfortable enough to be used on a daily driver.  The KONI Sport allows you to take your whole car to the next level, as they can be used to optimize many other popular suspension upgrades. Want to add lower and stiffer springs or a performance wheel and tire package? No problem—the KONI Sport can handle it. 
KONI has also teamed up with Eibach to develop shock and spring packages that lower your car reasonable amount and reduce body roll.  The kits are designed to take your car to the next level without unduly compromising ride comfort.
Quick Facts:
KONI Sport Color: Yellow
Fitments for Modern Performance Cars
Wide range of Adjustment for Handling or Comfort
Kits Available with Eibach Springs
Lifetime Warranty
If you want to upgrade your car with KONI’s legendary shocks on a limited budget, the orange STr.T line is for you.  They are a great way to improve your car’s handling without breaking the bank or making your car’s ride terrible. 
The STr.T is not an original replacement type damper, they are a performance damper engineered to be stiffer and perform better than your car’s factory shock absorber—similar to the KONI Sport on its softest setting. 
The STr.T dampers can be used with factory or performance springs and anti-roll bars just like the Sport. KONI even offers engineered kits for specific applications with the STr.T dampers and Eibach springs for even more performance.
Like all KONI shocks, the STr.T offers a lifetime warranty—as we stand behind our product, no matter what your budget is. 
Quick Facts:
KONI STr.T Color: Orange
Entry Level Performance Damper
Quality Koni Design and Construction
Kits Available with Eibach Springs
Lifetime Warranty
Special Active with Frequency Selective Damping
In the past, performance handling came at the cost of compromising your car’s original comfortable ride, but that’s true no longer. We have developed the Special Active line of dampers, which offer an even more refined ride quality than your car’s factory shocks without forgetting that famous Koni handling.  Our engineers have patented the Special Active’s Frequency Selective Damping that takes the edge off harsh and jarring road irregularities (like highway bridge expansion joints) without the excessive pitch and roll that you see with original equipment shocks. 
Inside the red Special Active housing, the internal valving of the damper automatically adapts to the best combination of ride and handling. The KONI Special Active design is so revolutionary, it is licensed by many auto manufacturers worldwide. The Special Active shock absorbers are especially well-suited to modern cars equipped with Run-Flat tires, which typically make a car ride harshly. 
You can read more about Frequency Selective Damping technology here.
Special Active shocks are also available in engineered kits with Eibach sport springs that feature a great blend of excellent ride quality on all road surfaces and that legendary Koni performance.
Quick Facts
KONI Special Active color: Red
Refined Ride and Comfort
Reduced Body Roll and Quality Handling
Patented Technology That Simply Works
Kits Available with Eibach Springs
Lifetime Warranty
Special D and Classic
KONI first developed performance oriented adjustable shock absorbers in the 1940s. Enthusiasts quickly realized that the Special D dampers were the shock to have on racetracks and twisty roads around the world.  KONI earned its World Class reputation on the strength of these first dampers. 
We have continued to offer many of the fitments for older sports cars to this day with the red Special D or black Classic line. Even if your vintage sports car has a suitably vintage suspension design, these KONI dampers will still improve handling and sharpen the chassis dynamics and response. 
The dampers are adjusted before installation or will need to be removed from the vehicle to change their settings.  Adjusting is a simple affair without any disassembly of the shock absorber itself.  An internal valve changes how the Koni reacts to twists and turns in a simple and repeatable fashion.
Quick Facts
KONI Special D Color: Red
KONI Classic Color: Black
Fitments for Classic Sports Cars:  Check
Improved Performance: Check
Adjustable for Firmness: Check
Lifetime Warranty: Check
 Heavy Track and RAID
While KONI is known for its dampers for sports and performance cars, our engineers have adapted this great technology for light and offroad truck use.  Whether you’re hitting Moab or the Mall, Koni has the right shock for your truck or sport utility vehicle. 
The red Heavy Track dampers improve your ride as well as handling on the street and hold up under trail use.  They are adjustable to account for load, usage and ride quality needs.  Most Heavy Track dampers are monotube, while certain fitments for Land Rover and Mercedes vehicles are a twin-tube design. 
The red RAID line takes that one further, with shocks rated for extreme duty and off-road usage. The large-bore designs dissipate heat under harsh conditions to keep damping and control consistent from street, to desert to trail. The robust construction with fully welded seams and heat-resistant sealing technology will stand up to punishment that will have other dampers begging for mercy. Of course, they are also adjustable for load, ride and trail conditions. 
Quick Facts
KONI Heavy Track and RAID Color: Red
For Light Truck and SUV
KONI Special Performance—upsized
Improve Ride and Handling
Robust Construction for Off-Road Use.