Technical and Racing Partners

KONI Shock Absorbers is proud to be a technical partner with and in support of many organizations and racing teams worldwide. KONI participates in motorsports from grassroots level amateur club racing and autocross to Formula One, the pinnacle of motorsports technology. KONI's motorsports involvement not only supports racers and sanctioning bodies but establishes a true proving ground to help improve KONI Street Automotive, Truck and Racing products. Below is a list of technical partners that we are proud to be affiliated with.


The Time Trials Experience
SCCA Time Trials National Tour events are designed to be highly engaging, accessible and inclusive. Competition is only one aspect of the Time Trials experience which also includes social elements, personal challenge, partner engagement, food, media, photography and fun. Each of these elements are crafted to create an experience where every participant has the opportunity to enjoy the event, regardless of finishing position. Most importantly, the on-track experience is facilitated. Each group has a coach and each session has a debrief. The coach's job is to make sure everyone approaches the event from the perspective of "Same Team," with shared goals of clean laps and safe, fun and fair competition. KONI Shock Absorbers is proud to be the official podium sponsor of the SCCA Time Trials events, and supporter of the Time Trials Tour.

CTCC Canadian Touring Car Championship
CTCC is Canada’s only professional touring car championship.  It features Canada’s best drivers racing today’s hottest sports cars.  The race cars are production-based and compete in three unique Classes.  Touring Class is the entry level category with minimally modified race cars while Super Touring Class is for heavily modified race cars.  GT Sport Class features larger sports car with higher performance.  Some popular brands include Acura, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mini, Mitsubishi, Porsche,  Subaru, Toyota and VW. The Championship competes at some of the most challenging tracks in Canada



Champion Racing Association Junior Late Models

The CRA Junior Late Model Series will feature 10 to 15-year-old drivers competing amongst themselves for both experience and recognition in full size late models with economical drive train and suspension alternatives. This series is designed to help bridge the existing gap in the progression for talented young racers that have raced quarter midgets or go carts and want to go into stock car racing and will give young racers the chance to race against each other and hone their skills before heading into top tier late model racing. KONI is proud to be Contingency Product Sponsor and official shock absorber of the CRA Junior Late Model series.

SCCA Track Night in America

SCCA Track Night in America is a fun, non-competitive, no-stress, easy and inexpensive way for nearly anyone who loves cars or motorsports to get on a real race track in their own street car on a weeknight. Novice drivers get extra instruction and assistance. Intermediate and Advanced groups for drivers with prior track experience. Entrants must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license, helmet and street car. For more about Track Night in America or to find a track near you visit:
Use code: KONIimproved2019 to receive $25 off of your Track Night in America entry including the KONI Novice Experience.

Team O’Neil Rally School

Team O'Neil serves as the leader in loose surface driver training for the United States.  Courses range in length from one to five days with a progressive curriculum allowing students to complete the school over multiple visits if they desire. Students train in front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. Training begins on a skid pad and slalom courses, as students progress they take the skills they have acquired and apply them to actual rally roads. KONI is proud to be the Official Shock Absorber of Team ONeil.

American-Canadian Tour

The American Canadian Tour (ACT) is a late model stock car racing series based in the Northeastern United States, and Quebec, Canada. The American Canadian Tour has two different late model divisions: the ACT Late Model Tour, founded in 1986 conducts races in New England and New York, and the La Série ACT (formerly known as Série ACT Castrol Tour), founded in 2005 runs in Quebec, Canada. KONI is the specified damper for the series.

Sahara Force India Formula One Team

KONI and auto racing have a long history and tradition, beginning in 1958 in Formula One. Since then, KONI has been involved every year in many series and levels as technical partner. Currently KONI is proud Technical Partner with Sahara Force India Formula One Team.

Shea Racing

KONI America joined forces with Shea Racing as a Technical Partner in 2016 in Pirelli World Challenge. The team is led by Shea Holbrook, a 6-time PWC race winner from Groveland, FL, who pilots one of the two KONI racing damper equipped 2016 Honda Accord V6s in the Touring Car (TC) class.  Teammate Jason Fichter, 2015 Trans Am “Rookie of the Year”, races the other team car.  In recent years, KONI’s North American motorsports focus has been primarily on grassroots level club racing and autocross.  PWC is often an aspirational series for many of those drivers wanting to move up so Shea Racing and KONI’s partnership are a natural fit.