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KONI Active technology

As a leading manufacturer of high performance shock absorbers KONI develops the technical features of its shocks by following a simple principle: to meet the diverse demands on its products with innovative mechanical solutions.

The persistant problem with suspension tuning

Vehicle suspension tuning has always been a compromise between comfort and handling.  An obvious example is a Formula 1 race car which offers the best possible handling but without concern for comfort. In a a sports car one would expect to experience the ultimate in comfort, and superior handling.  Minimal damping forces are required for your comfort whilst considerably greater damping forces are needed for sprited driving. This paradox can not be solved with conventional shock designs. Other shock valve designs, which are currently available in the market, do not offer an adequate solution:

  • Position-dependent shock absorbers will give you extra comfort, as they allow more movement of your car at a defined ride height, but as a result the handling is compromised. Also, large bumps in the road will still be very unpleasant.
  • Pneumatic, magnetic and electronic adjustable shock absorbers may improve road-holding in the future. The disadvantage of such complex systems is that they are very expensive and time consuming to set up correctly.  They also cannot be easily added to your existing vehicle.

KONl shock absorbers with Frequency Selective Damping technology, have been specifically designed for the sophisticated, uncompromising driver. We are able to combine the ultimate in comfort and handling with no compromises. The solution is purely mechanical and thus a simple bolt on install.  The lack of electronic control components make KONl Frequency Selective Damping high performance shock absorbers the simple solution to the familiar suspension problem.

Frequency Selective Damping principles


Comfort and handling can be split in two different frequency areas:

  • For comfort, with the suspension moving in a high frequency area (10 Hz), require low damping forces.
  • For handling, with the suspension moving in a low frequency area (1 Hz), require high damping forces.

If you are able to change the damping force level in relation to the frequency of the movement, you create the possibility to resolve the conflict in terms of comfort and handling.

KONI Frequency Selective Damping technology does just that!

How does it work?

In standard shock absorbers the main damping characteristic is defined by the oil flow going through the piston assembly.

Combining it with the Frequency Selective Damping feature, KONl added a special valve which is able to control a parallel oil flow next to the one going through the piston. This parallel oil flow is closed by the Frequency Selective Damping feature, giving a rise in damping force almost linear to the time that the piston is moving in one direction.

Put simply: the Frequency Selective Damping feature is a hydraulic amplifier that delays the build up of pressure. One could say that an extra tuning option has been created in order to get the best possible combination of handling and comfort. Since it is an integrated part of the hydraulic valve system inside the damper, no additional cables, sensors or any other electronic devices are needed to operate an Frequency Selective Damping damper.

Frequency Selective Damping is the simplest and most economic way to significantly improve the ride and driving characteristics of every car. Certainly in comparison with costly systems which work on the basis of computer technology, complex electronics and sensors.