KONI Threaded Spring Perch Sleeves and Parts

Threaded coil over spring perches allow vehicles that would normally have fixed location spring perches to gain some of the benefits of racing developed tuning techniques. Performance suspension adjustments such as ride height adjustment and corner weighting or weight jacking can be performed with threaded spring perches. KONI offers several coil over sleeves and individual components to allow both street and race cars these performance benefits. Because different vehicles have differ spring and shock mounting needs and uses, each installer will need to establish which parts are right for that particular application.

The threaded sleeves are designed to mount on fixed platforms or groove located circlips that are perpendicular to the damper body. The threaded sleeves are made of anodized aluminum with threaded specially designed for load carrying and self cleaning properties. All lower perches have a nylon tipped locking set screw to positively lock the perch in place without damaging the threads.

Caution should be used in the installation and use of threaded spring perches to be sure not to cause damage to the vehicle from bottoming or topping springs, shocks and suspension parts. KONI cannot be held responsible for modifications or damages caused by the improper use or adjustment of threaded spring perches.
42mm ID threaded sleeves and Components
Set including sleeve, lower spring perch and 25mm upper spring Perch (fig. A) 80.0000.1
Set including sleeve, lower spring perch and 40mm upper spring Perch (fig. B) 80.0000.2
Threaded Sleeve 80.0000.0005
Lower spring perch with locking set screw 80.0000.0006
25mm upper spring perch (fig A) 80.0000.0007
40mm upper spring perch (fig A) 80.0000.0008
Nylon 2.25" to 2.5" spring adapters (2 needed)
50mm ID threaded sleeves and components
Threaded Sleeve     30.0000.0005
Lower spring perch with locking set screw     30.0000.0006
30 Series threaded sleeve and components
Set including threaded sleeve, lower spring perch and upper spring perch     30.0000
Threaded Sleeve     30.0000.0005
Lower spring perch with locking set screw     30.0000.0006
Upper spring perch     30.0000.0010
Snap ring     30.0000.0009
              Figure A

              Figure B

​                80.0000.1
30.0000.0005 and 30.0000.0006