Innovation & Durability


KONI invests heavily in innovation. It is one of our core qualities required to continue to produce highly qualified shock absorbers. In KONI’s we believe innovation is the ultimate way to keep improving the world, through technology and maintain being a market leader when it comes to bus, truck, and trailer, or recreational and specialty solutions.
The research, development and engineering departments of KONI are totally committed to the KONI philosophy of offering the best shock absorber and life expectancy for any application. Contemporary computer supported design technologies, highly trained and motivated personnel and the availability of extended measuring and testing facilities, lead to well researched and thoroughly developed new products.
All of the new product developments are executed under the regime of the international automotive industry standard ISO TS 16949, which secures that all products fully meet their determined objectives – in every aspect.


KONl dampers last extremely long. For 91 type trailer dampers, a lifetime of more than 500,000 kilometers is no exception. The combination of the adjustability and the availability of replacement bush kits extend their lifetime even more. That’s why KONl dampers have one of the lowest cost per mile.
Our engineers benefit from KONI’s many years of know-how and experience in supplying to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Also, our involvement in special projects such as rallies and other racing activities enhance the development of bus, truck & trailer dampers. For example, our truck shocks have challengedthe famous Dakar Rally.

KONl shock absorbers are specifically developed for any type of vehicle or driving condition. Be it military or construction vehicles, we deliver with precisely determined damping forces and characteristics. A KONI is never a simple copy of the original but a tailor made design. This way you get the best comfort and road-holding performance.

KONI grew from being a small regional producer into a world renowned manufacturer. Today we total more than 35 official Bus, Truck & Trailer distributors worldwide and exports to more than 90 countries.

KONI shock absorbers are used by leading bus, truck and trailer manufacturers, including: Alexander Dennis, Van Hool, VDL, Temsa, KARSAN, Volvo Bus, Isuzu, Irizar, Kenworth, Weweler, SAF, Assali Stefen , Gillig, New Flyer, Navistar, Renault, John Deere, and Agco.