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Adjustment Procedure 26, 28, 30 Series


Do not clamp here!
Figure 1: Only hold by attachment on body, lower dust cover.
KONI 26/28/30 series adjustment button
Figure 2: The handy adjustment button. Depress the button while turning clockwise to give increased damping forces.

Rebound adjustable, the adjustment is made with the shock fully extended.

  1. Remove the dust cover and expose the adjusting button (figure 2).
  2. Hold the damper body by hand where the piston rod emerges from the cylinder. Push the button carefully, by hand, and hold it in that position (figure 1 & 2). (Do not use any device, other than by hand to depress button).
  3. The adjusting device has been provided with a number if clearly distinguishable stops (clicks), each of which marks an adjustment position (zero + 3 clicks = 4 positions) (figure 4).
  4. The damper may have already been adjusted earlier. Therefore, check whether the shock absorber is in the position by turning the piston rod to the left (counterclockwise) with the other hand until the zero-stop is felt - DO NOT USE FORCE!
  5. To increase rebound, turn the piston rod one or more clicks to the right (clockwise), and release the adjusting button.
  6. Be sure the adjusting button fully springs back into position. As long as the button is depressed, do not turn the piston rod further; otherwise correct adjustment will be disturbed. As soon as the button has made its complete return, the piston rod may be turned freely. The damper can now be refitted. 

Adjustment Direction:
Clockwise: Firmer
Counter Clockwise: Softer

Adjustment positions