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STR.T- Light Truck Series (Orange)


KONI STR.T LT (Light Truck)Series
performance for pickup trucks & SUVs.

The new KONI STR.T Light Truck (LT) Series product line performance shock absorbers is now available for ½ ton, ¾ ton and 1 ton Ford/Chevrolet and GMC/ Dodge and Ram pickups and related SUVs. Blending KONI’s unmatched experience with performance Automotive, Motorsports, Light and Heavy Truck dampers with the rapidly growing KONI STR.T automotive product line, the new LT Series offers KONI performance and control for light trucks and SUVs that are so popular on North America’s roadways.


Key Features:
  • Improved control and handling when towing and hauling
  • Reliable ride comfort when unloaded
  • Twin tube low pressure nitrogen gas design is easier to install than mono-tube
  • high pressure gas shocks.
  • Reduced impact harshness and vibrations from rough roads
  • KONI performance at a reasonable price
  • Limited lifetime warranty


KONI STR.T – LT Series is the next generation of performance truck shock absorbers that offer superior body motion and load control, and improved comfort. Whether you use your truck for daily driving, carrying loads, or for towing your weekend toys, KONI’s new LT Series provides the performance edge over factory and replacement grade dampers.