Double Adjustable Race Inserts

The 8611 series double adjustable strut insert is a twin-tube hydraulic that is externally adjustable in both rebound and compression damping. This is an affordable double adjustable option for club racers and autocrossers in North America for vehicles utilizing strut suspensions.  For single ajustable racing inserts see our 8610 series.

The rebound adjustable is adjustable at the top of the strut rod with a knob that is included while the compression adjuster is located at the bottom of the insert. This requires a 1/2" diameter hole to be made in the bottom of the strut housing for access to the adjuster.

The 8611 series is not supplied with a threaded locknut to retain the insert into the strut housing. If new locknuts are required for your application, please refer to the insert gland nut page.

How To Adjust
Technical Information
To determine the correct 8611 or 8610 insert for your application, follow these steps.

Measure the inside depth and inside diameter of your strut housing.

For the KONI insert to be properly installed, the measure depth of your strut housing must be 1-4mm (.04"-.16") shorter than the dimension "A" in the chart below. Also, the inner diameter of the housing must be larger than the dimension "D."

In the event that the KONI "A" length is shorter than the required, the user must then fabricate a spacer and place it under the KONI insert so as to achieve the proper depth relationship.

After the KONI insert with the correct "A" length has been determined, verify that the stroke length will be appropriate for your application.

8611 1256Race - Double Adjustable Race Insert

Diameter D = 45.5mm| Body Length A = 311mm| Stroke = 139mm| Max Length L = 520mm| Min Length L = 381mm

8611 1257Race - Double Adjustable Race Insert

Diameter D = 43.5mm| Body Length A = 290mm| Stroke = 143mm| Max Length L = 500mm| Min Length L = 357mm

8611 1258Race - Double Adjustable Race Insert

Diameter D = 43.5mm| Body Length A = 391mm| Stroke = 158mm| Max Length L = 615mm| Min Length L = 457mm

8611 1259Race - Double Adjustable Race Insert

Diameter D = 43.5mm| Body Length A = 332mm| Stroke = 153mm| Max Length L = 540mm| Min Length L = 387mm