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Find replacement installation hardware, bushings and other popular components needed for refreshing your KONI installation, restoring your vintage shocks, etc.  Listed here are some commonly requested parts available for purchase.  If you don’t find what you specifically need here, please call or email the KONI Tech Dept. for further assistance - Cut-a-Strut lower hardware - Cut-a-Strut lower hardware

80 Series Circlip

This is the clip used on the 80, 8010, 8040, 8041, 8042 series shocks with circlip adjustable perches

80 Series perch support ring

This ring is a flat support ring used in some KONI 80, 8010, 8040, 8041, 8042 Series applications.

Honda 8041 series pin hardware kit

This is the complete upper mounting hardware for all 8041, and 8010 Series Honda and Acura applications.(Prelude and S2000 Requires additional washer listed on this page).

Prelude rear and S2000 additional washer

This is to complete the hardware required for the Honda Prelude rear and Honda S2000 front and rear

Spanner wrench for threaded suspension kits and co

This is the spanner wrench included in all of our suspension kits they will also work with our 8212, 8216, 3014, and 3012 threaded dampers.