Special Active for '05-'19 Ford Mustang



    KONI is pleased to offer our new Special ACTIVE Technology for the 2005-2019 Ford Mustangs with both struts and shock absorbers as well as suspension kits with Eibach lowering springs. First introduced as part of the 2018 KONI Activate the Nation Tour, the muscular and sporty Mustang is an excellent platform to showcase the technical capabilities of KONI’s Special ACTIVE product line with patented Frequency Selective Damping (ACTIVE Technology) that offer superior handling control without compromising comfort. 

    The popular Mustang’s taut suspension is much improved thanks to KONI’s Special ACTIVE. It now provides sharper handling responses and better tire grip while simultaneously refining the ride comfort, especially on rough road surface bumps, seams, patches, etc.. Special ACTIVE is compatible with the Mustang’s factory equipped springs as well as Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs.

    Features and benefits:
    •  Special ACTIVE applications utilize KONI’s latest generation of Frequency Selective Damping Technology (ACTIVE Technology)
    •  Improves safety and road holding
    •  Technology proven on over 1.5 million factory equipped vehicles
    •  Secure and stable feeling for spirited driving
    •  Unrivaled aftermarket solution can be fitted to most new and older cars
    •  Driving refinement for cars, light trucks, SUVs, etc.
    •  Technology that rivals expensive electronic systems
    •  Performance for driver and comfort for passengers in one

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