These new applications feature KONI's patented FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) technology to simultaneously improve both the handling and ride comfort for owners of factory ride height Miatas, especially on bumpy roads. The SPECIAL ACTIVE's FSD will also greatly reduce "cowl shake" windshield and dashboard vibrations inherent in many open topped cars with less rigid chassis compared to closed cars with roof structures.

    KONI SPECIAL ACTIVE is the next generation of premium shock absorbers that offer superior handling without compromising comfort. It is the latest advancement in the KONI product portfolio. Utilizing the most recent generation of KONI’s patented FSD technology, it controls large body motions and cornering forces but smooths expansion joint and rough road impacts for improved comfort.


    Features and Benefits

    • FSD technology proven on over 1.5 million factory equipped vehicles
    • Secure and stable feeling for spirited driving
    • Unrivaled aftermarket solution can be fitted to most new and older cars
    • Driving refinement for cars, light trucks, SUVs, etc.
    • Technology that rivals expensive electronic systems
    • Performance for driver and comfort for passengers in one
    • Improves safety and road holding
    Download NB Miata Application Release