Mazda RX-8


    In 2003, Mazda introduced the RX-8 that showcased their new Renesis rotary engine in a sporty chassis with a funky suicide door sport coupe body. A modern successor to Mazda’s classic RX-7 sports car, the RX-8 quickly became a favorite of car enthusiasts around the world. A key aspect of the RX-8 was a civilized and quite capable suspension that made the car popular as a sporty daily driver or weekend competition toy. For many years, KONI has offered the world renown adjustable Sport shocks for the RX-8 and is now proud to announce the arrival of the new entry level performance KONI STR.T shocks for RX-8.
    Upgrading to the budget friendly KONI STR.Ts will freshen up the suspension on cars with a lot of miles on the odometer, whether the car still uses the factory springs or performance lowering springs. KONI took extra care to accent the RX-8’s supple suspension with just the right balance of optimized performance and control without needless and annoying harshness on imperfect roads, a problem easily introduced with some overly harsh factory or aftermarket replacement shocks.
    New KONI STR.T Kits are also now available for the RX-8 matching a set of four KONI STR.T shocks with four Eibach Pro-kit loweringsprings to provide a complete car set performance lowering and damping package in one purchase, shipment and installation.