New Applications for Dodge Ram ProMaster


    KONI Special ACTIVE with ACTIVE Technology - Unsurpassed Comfort and Handling


    Utilizing the most recent generation of KONI’s patented Frequency Selective Damping technology, it controls large body motions and cornering forces but smooths expansion joints and rough roads for improved comfort. KONI’s ACTIVE technology is perfectly suited for campers and motorhomes. Campers and motorhomes very often have an infamous high center of gravity but with KONI Special ACTIVE dampers installed, they will be less prone to pitching and rolling, creating a perfect drive.

    Special ACTIVE - Features and Benefits

    • Improves safety and road holding
    • Less pitching and rolling
    • Increased safety level
    • Less prone to cross winds
    • Overtaking is now possible with confidence
    • Secure and stable feeling for spirited driving
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