BMW X4 (F26) 2014+



    The BMW X4 can best be described as a SUV with the flair of a sport coupé. It brings sporty upgrades and roofline shape to the BMW X3 like the X6 does to the X5, and features the latest BMW design cues. On the road, the X4 doesn't feel completely in balance especially when cornering. The stock X4 allows more front body roll than the rear and the rear features quite firm compression damping which makes the ride over small surface imperfections less comfortable.
    After extensive testing and ride and handling development work, KONI’s patented FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) technology struts and shock absorbers give the X4 a more balanced set-up which feels more confident and predictable when cornering and refines and reduces the trade-off between firmness and comfort as expected from a luxury SUV.​