KONI Named Official Shock of Team O'Neil


    KONI Shock Absorbers to Become Official Suspension Provider for
    Team O’Neil Rally School

    Hebron, KY -- KONI Shock Absorbers, a global leader in suspension damping technology, announced that it’s partnering with Team O’Neil Rally School to become the official suspension provider.
    Offering a variety of single and multi-day driving courses, including an option for private instruction, Team O’Neil’s curriculum is designed specifically for both novice drivers looking to try their hand on dirt and snow courses and rally devotees who are looking to gain a significant advantage on their racing competition or get their racing career off the ground.
    “When I arrived at Team O’Neil, the first thing I saw was owner and founder Tim O’Neil driving in his all-original 1989 Volkswagen Rallye Golf,” said Allen Briere, KONI Automotive and Heavy Duty Sales Representative. “After introducing myself, he threw me the keys and it was right then I told myself, ‘These guys get it; it’s about enjoying cars.’”

    "We share a lot of the same audience of auto enthusiasts and we’ve both trained, and continue to cater to, that group,” added Karl Stone, Team O’Neil’s Marketing Director. “Both companies have a history of engaging drivers of all levels and providing them with the tools to improve their abilities. Once retrofits have been completed on our fleet of rally-prepared vehicles, it won’t be long before every student will be driving on KONI.”

    Billed as “the most fun you can have on four wheels”, the goal of Team O’Neil Rally School is to give students of every level of experience the skills and confidence they to need handle vehicles at the limits of grip while staying in control; and to teach potentially life-saving skills that will stay with them for life.

    “Tim has built a driving school that improves your skills with cars that demand products that are capable to handle the abuse,” said Briere. “I see this as a win for both; you get ‘Driver Improved’ and ‘KONI Improved’ at the same time.”

    About Team O’Neil Rally School
    Founded in 1997 by Tim O’Neil, Team O’Neil Rally School is located in Dalton, New Hampshire on 583 acres of alpine terrain. Elevation changes up to 500 feet over 6+ miles of roads and includes two 300-foot diameter gravel skid pads. Roads consist of 50+ different types and combinations of corners, blind crests and junctions, students are exposed to every driving challenge they may encounter in real-world conditions or on competition stages. https://www.teamoneil.com/
    Course offerings include rally driving, winter safe driving, off-road and security courses for individuals, private companies and government agencies. Courses offer educational and recreational experiences appropriate for all abilities. The Team O’Neil Motorsports division offers competition rally car preparation and support, and is the United States distributor of M-Sport parts and car kits. Team O’Neil also operates the New England Forest Rally.

    About KONI
    As a part of ITT Motion Technologies, and as they've been doing for over 80 years, KONI develops, manufactures, and markets high performance shock absorbers for many types of private and commercial vehicles, including street and racing cars, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, and military vehicles as well as high speed trains. ITT Motion Technologies is a world leader in the development and production of components for the transport and automobile industry. www.itt.com
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