KONI Special ACTIVE Has Arrived!


    KONI Engineering took the latest generation of KONI’s proven, patented Frequency Selective Damping Technology (ACTIVE Technology) and integrated it into already high-performing KONI Special dampers resulting in a new product line that provides an unparalleled ride and handling experience. The Special ACTIVE damper adapts to changing road surfaces to provide superior comfort and handling.
    “The KONI front and rear dampers, with Frequency Selective Damping Technology, optimize the driving experience by offering greater road holding, handling, stability and comfort, guaranteeing maximum safety in all conditions”, said Concetto Maletta, Design Responsible Engineer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.
    Your car will be more responsive and your ride will be smoother over imperfect road surfaces. Handling, comfort, and grip: all improve with Special ACTIVE.
    KONI’s ACTIVE Technology rivals the expensive electronic ride control systems built into many new cars at a fraction of the price. Additionally, those complicated electronic damping systems cannot be retrofitted into existing vehicle applications, whereas KONI Special ACTIVE dampers have a broad range from older cars through modern sedans, light trucks, and SUVs.
    About the patented Frequency Selective Damping Technology
    Since its introduction, KONI’s patented technology has been continually developed and upgraded. The KONI ACTIVE Technology has been embraced by many automobile manufacturers worldwide including Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Fiat, Opel, Abarth, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Well over 1.5 million cars, buses, trucks and recreational vehicles have already been factory equipped with Frequency Selective Damping Technology dampers.

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